Sites That Pay You For Online Freelance Work

Data Entry Jobs From Home

1. Cass Information Systems

Cass Information Systems hires people for data verification and data entry. This position is very location-based. If the position is available, you’ll see it listed as “Data Verification Clerk.” You have to train onsite for a few weeks before you can do the job from home. Their BBB rating is A+.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta occasionally has a data entry position open, but it’s for Colorado residents only. So if you’re in Colorado, be sure to keep tabs on their “Jobs” page to see if they’re hiring for data entry. Pays $10 hourly and is part-time when open. Ibotta has a B rating on the BBB.

3. The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd offers very low pay. Also, you must take a typing test to get hired and pass with good accuracy. Really just good for extra money here and there. This company offers part-time online data entry jobs, as there is typically not enough work to do this full-time.

4. Dion Data

Dion Data is a legit company that has been around for years. Unfortunately I don’t think they actively hire that often, but if there is a way to apply on the page, I would recommend sending your application.

5. DataTrace

DataTrace was formerly known as Red Vision. They occasionally have work at home data entry jobs posted. It’s best to check Indeed for their job postings because their website no longer lists openings.

6. Xerox

Xerox data entry jobs are usually location-based, requiring that you work on site for one week before being allowed to do the job from home. Visit their Careers page and type in “work from home data entry” in the keywords box “transaction processor” to see if this position is available.

7. Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk has short tasks available on occasion that involve keying and typing, but you will have to do a search for them.

8. Clickworker

Clickworker is a short task site similar to MTurk (above) with similar tasks. Many of these tasks are data entry.


TTEC is best known for phone work from home, but they sometimes have data entry jobs available. When open, it’s typically part-time and entry-level, paying around $10 an hour.

They will usually only be hiring from specific states. If you don’t see the job posted, be sure to check back later.

I am always looking for more legit work at home data entry jobs, and I tend to go back and update old posts regularly, so if I find more, I will link them here.


Here are the various freelancer sites :

  • Freelancer – Lots of project-based work in many different industries. Several payment options available.
  • Konsus – Not a bidding site. You apply and if accepted, you’re eligible to work on projects through Konsus.
  • FreeeUp –They source freelancers to do work for their major clients. Earn $5 to $50 an hour. Positions can become long-term.
  • Upwork –I have personal experience with Upwork (formerly known as oDesk). Tons of work available in lots of different categories. Lots of different methods of pay available, and open to many different countries. Hourly and fixed price assignments.
  • Guru – Simple interface, SafePay system in place. Lots of US-based workers.
  • People Per Hour – Open worldwide but with a focus on US/UK. Submit proposals for freelance jobs you’d like to do or create hourlies posting what you can get done in an hour and for how much. Pays in bank transfer or Paypal.
  • Project 4 Hire – Lots of designing, programming, and writing jobs. Escrow system in place for payment. They take a five percent commission from your earnings when you’re paid (this is not uncommon with these sites).
  • Translators Town – Just like most of these other freelance sites except you bid on translation jobs.