How to earn by clicking pictures on your camera

If you are taking pictures on your camera for fun, then I want to tell that you can also making money from your photo. Its sounds exciting yes it is. On internet there are lots of websites are ready to pay you for your pictures. Now you can turn your camera in to a money making machine.

After research on this topic now I am writing this article, So that reader can make money by taking pictures or images. Here I list the few places on web where you can earn money by uploading or selling your photos.


It is the Android apps available on Google play store. You have to install this app on your phone or tablets. Now after installation upload your photo on any genre ( According to your wish). After some modification your photo will be present on (It is the biggest photo marketplace). You will get paid on each sale of your photo, remember your photo can be sold to multiple peoples on multiple times.


101img is a website, here you can earn with your uploaded images on the rate of per visitor. Upload you image and share your file with your friends on social network. Earn $5 per 1000 views I know the payout is low but you can cover it by the number of images. I will explain to you with example:

Suppose you uploaded 1000 images and every images get 10 views per day. Then total number of views in one day is 10000. Your one day income is $10. So you monthly income will be $300 by this minimum estimation. It is the good way to earn online by just clicking a picture.

Picable is also a good option:

Picable is a another option for earning by uploading pictures. The concept is same upload pics and make money. Picable is the partner of Triond, They give you royalties on monthly basis and the structure and business model of this website is 100% genuine. You earn lots of money from this website. You can also browse unlimited number of photos in their database and also gain some idea to increase revenue from you photos.

So you can try these 3 option and get some quick money for your needs all information is collected from internet with proper research and analysis. So try it and leave your thought as a comment so that other user can also gain some knowledge on this topic.

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