How to make money with article writing jobs

Are you interested in earning some bucks by writing an article, If your answer is yes then this article is for you. Article writing is always a profitable work from home. You can generate a steady income by this.

Where to find an article writing jobs:

You can find this job on upwork, olx ,freelancer . These websites contains many job offers like article writing. You have to find the best offer that suits your needs. You can also negotiate your payments and work details with the work provider. Always remember one thing don’t deliver article in advance always accept payment before delivering article. For the security purpose don’t share financial information to any one on web. Always use paypal or other kind of payment processor.

Fiverr is the best place to sell your article:

Fiverr is best for those people who have good writing skills. You have to create an account on fiverr. It does not cost you anything. Create a Gig like “ I will write a 500 words article in English language”. Many sellers get 20 to 30 orders per day and they earned dollars daily. So in my view fiverr is the best marketplace. You have to give quality and unique articles to your buyers. Do not try to trick your buyers ever because quality is very important to run long term business. Best quality articles give you best rating on fiverr and it will increase your sales like a rocket in the sky.

Publish your articles at own blog:

You can also publish your article on your own blog and make money by putting ads. I will tell you in details. You have to create a blog on blogger or wordpress and publish your article. You article bring a visitor for your blog and you can convert your visitor in to money by putting advertisement on blog. It can be very profitable if you can attract more readers for your articles.

By facebook page:

Sell article writing service on facebook page is good idea. It is very easy become more popular now these days. You have to just create facebook page and describe yourself with skills and ability. Share your page in popular groups and clubs. By this you attract more number of customers and its increase the sale of article writing services.

By following these tips you can generate a steady income in article writing. One of the most important tips is “Do your work with fun”.

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